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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Recovery Shorts- tips and tricks to a better recovery 


Daily zoom meeting at 12 noon  


15-20 minutes long

-Multiple topics

-Offered several time a week based on interest 

-Signal group for folks to continue the conversation (link below)


We give participates the topic for the next week to learn and prepare for the next meeting   

We cover the following four topics-


Family and addiction: helping families deal with all types of addiction with kids video games, TV, food, substances, etc breaking out of the covid shell and getting outside and active.


Time management and recovery: how it helps recovery and fills the time so we don't relapse 


Coping skills for recovery: pic one skill per week 

 *ask the ppl to pick their favorite coping skill and how it helped them *make list

Humor and Recovery- lets take a moment and laugh together and discuss ways to lighten our stress


Do to the short meeting participates can speak only for 3 minutes


Recovery Shorts is a nonprofit mutual aid group lead by peer to peer volunteers. We assist those with substance and mental health difficulties.  Everyone is invited to participate 


Signal group for Recovery Shorts:


Thank you for your interest and your time!

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